555 Bonzai Hamsters

Biting the Solana Blockchain slowly.



Human influence on the hamsters' habitats is the cause of the species' decline.


All the Bonzai Hamsters were living in a glass showcase where a cruel being had trapped them. People came day by day, saw them squeaking and scratching the glass for help, but none of them helped the hamsters.

But what was next?! Yeah! One day they together broke the glass with their little paws! And yes, when they came out, the did bite the cruel being who had trapped them earlier.

So again, they are free in their habitats. Some in deserts, some in hell, and the naughty ones have crept into the Solana Blockchain!

Get them out! RIGHT NOW!!


Phase 1

🔹 - 555 Bonzai Hamsters get minted

🔹 - 80% Royalties distributed to the holders weekly

🔹 - Getting listed on 5 secondary marketplaces

🔹 - 5% of the mint money distributed among the top 5 holders

Phase 2

🔹 - Release the Caged Hamsters

🔹 - Getting a professional financial analyst to help holders with crypto calls

🔹 - 5 lucky holders get 2 SOL each

🔹 - 10 Lucky holders get 1 Caged Hamster each

Phase 3

🔹 - The Hamster Club get more interesting and the mysterious story comes out. The person to solve the mystery gets 5 SOL

🔹 - 2 Mutant Hamsters given to 2 top holders

🔹 - Sweep the Floor to maintain a higher floor price

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Bonzai Hamsters?

Algorithmically generated Hamsters living in the atmosphere of the Solana blockchain!!

When is the launch?

Date and Time To be announced

How much will it cost to mint a Bonzai Hamster?

The mint price will be announced closer to the official launch date.

When will I get my Hamster after minting?

You will receive your Hamster right after successfully minting. It might take a few minutes for it to appear in your wallet.

Where can I buy/sell Hamster after launch?

We will be potentially listed on Solanart, Magic Eden , Digital Eyes, Solsea and Alpha Art

Is there a limit on how many we can get?

There is no limit per wallet. If you are quick enough you can snatch as many as you can. However, there will be only 1 Hamster will be given for 1 transaction.

Is there a rarity chart?

Yes rarity chart will be given after the mint keep an eye on announcements and our website

What Solana wallets should I use when minting?

We will be using Phantom, Sollet and Solflare wallets for the website connection. Out of these ones you can use whatever you prefer.


Meet the team behind the Bonzai Hamsters



Founder and Developer


Asintha Dilhara




Marketing Head


Alex Benjamin